Donna Fletcher will be presenting “Market Research: Make It Better!” and “The Elusive Library Non-User” at the Library Marketing & Communications Conference in Dallas on November 16-17, 2016.  Hope to see you there!  Send your email to for copies of the presentations.


Libraries bind together their communities.  They combine 21st Century technology with art, literature, science and history. Today they are threatened by budget cuts, political squabbles and rising operational costs.  We can meet those threats and help libraries thrive with innovative strategies and marketing plans based upon reliable research.

Know Your Community

How does your library identify what its constituents want?  Ask them in surveys, focus groups, individual interviews and online forums, listen to their answers and act upon them.

Increase Impact with Limited Funds

How can your library get the most impact with a limited budget and more demand?  Create strategic and marketing plans that allocate funds to support the most needed and desired services for the community.

How We Can Help

We work with libraries to gather and analyze the opinions of its community, stakeholders and staff. We dig thorough survey data and focus group feedback to gain a deep insight about how a library can best serve its particular community. Learn more about how our services can help your library thrive.

Helping Libraries Thrive
Courtesy of Birmingham Public Library

Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project Receives 2015 John Cotton Dana Public Relations Award.

Donna Fletcher, along with 8 librarians, created the STBF project.  To learn more go to Blogs and Tips and

Engaging the Elusive Library



Donna Fletcher and Paula Singer shared proven methods for reaching folks that don't use the library at the 2013 American Library Association (ALA) annual conference in Chicago.   Read Library Journal's full write-up on the SRO presentation here!

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