Custom Research Studies

Surveys, focus groups, online forums and individual interviews to inform strategic plans, marketing initiatives, new services and referendum planning.  Tell us about what you’d like to learn, and we’ll create a study to answer your library’s questions.

Strategic and Marketing Planning

Community research to guide planning. Facilitation of community and staff input sessions. Guidance in creating planning goals, objectives, activities and evaluation. Drafting and editing plans.

Patron Snapshot

On-site interviews with patrons to learn about how they view the library and their interest in potential improvements. Takes only a few days to complete, requires no staff time and is very budget friendly.


An affordable, standardized in-library patron survey.

Segmentation Studies

Quantitative and qualitative research to identify important demographic, attitudinal and behavioral segments for your library and how to best serve them.

Non-User Studies

Efficient and insightful methods to find out why this hard-to-reach segment isn’t using your library.


Easy to implement tracking studies to determine the success of strategic plans, marketing initiatives or grant programs.

Teen Focus

Targeted studies to uncover what teens really want from your library.

Marketing and Communications Audit

In-depth research to learn how consumers view your library’s brand and communications and recommendations to improve them.

Data Mining

You’ve got data? Circulation, program attendance, door counts, reference questions and more?  We can help you mine the data and create presentations that are potent tools for gaining library support.

Our Services: Comprehensive
Our Toolbox
Mail, phone, online and in-library.

Focus Groups and In-Depth Sessions
In-person focus groups, one-on-one interviews.

Online Forums
Post questions online about the library’s direction and ideas for community input.

In-Depth Telephone Interviews
For targets who can’t or don’t have time to attend a focus group or face-to-face interview.

In-Library Interviews and Ethnographies
Talking with patrons at the library and watching how they use the library.
Photo by Shaleza D. Rouse